Planning for an emergency

The Council’s role when preparing for an emergency is to:

  • asses the risks and make plans
  • inform and advise the public and businesses
  • work with the emergency services and other agencies 
  • ensure that the Council continues to provide essential services in an emergency.   

In a large scale emergency, the Council will:

  • co-ordinate with the emergency services, agencies and volunteers to ensure public safety
  • provide technical support and resources
  • try to maintain essential services during an emergency
  • try to provide temporary accommodation, emergency feeding / rest centres and social and welfare services.
  • arrange temporary or permanent re-housing and deal with health hazards, environmental issues, traffic and structural engineering issues
  • assist in the provision of body holding areas and a temporary mortuary in liaison with North Wales Police and the Coroner
  • co-ordinate the long term recovery of the affected area. 


Preparing for an emergency

Information about how to prepare an emergency plan / pack, and how to protect yourself in the event of a major incident or accident can be seen here: Preparing for an emergency

More information is included in this leaflet produced by North Wales public bodies - Emergency advice for people living in North Wales 

Advice from the Met Office: Get Ready for Winter


Community Resilience Plan

Your community can prepare a Community Resilience Emergency Plan to ensure that you’re ready to respond if an emergency occurs in your area. 


Community Risk Register

The North Wales Resilience Forum Community Risk Register carries out risk assessments looking at the likelihood and impact of major incidents which could occur in the area.


North Wales Councils - Regional Emergency Planning Service

To contact, call 01352 702 124 or visit the

Service's Website