Contact us in an emergency

Call us 24 hours a day on

01766 771000

or go to the Contact us in an emergency page for more contact numbers.

Please note that you are responsible for protecting your property from flooding. It is not the responsibility of Gwynedd Council.

The latest during flooding

During periods of extreme bad weather, the latest information about services and road conditions will be available on Cyngor Gwynedd Facebook Account

(You don't need a Facebook account to view the information)  

Roads and highways

To report a problem on the road due to flooding, standing water or blocked gullies, please contact us:

Contact us online - flooding

Travel advice


Flood warnings

For a list of flood warnings and advice visit the Natural Resources Wales website or call 03000 65 3000.
If you live in an area which suffers from flooding, Natural Resources Wales can warn you if any flood warnings are issued in your area. The service is completely free of charge.



The Council will try to supply sandbags to people who ask for them if there is a high risk of imminent flooding of the property. The Council's ability to supply sandbags depends on the workers' availability because of the extent and severity of the floods.

To request sandbags, contact us

Request sandbags online
Or in an emergency call 01766 771000.


Waste and recycling

Please put your waste and recycling out as usual during flooding if it is safe to do so. We will make every effort to collect it. More information about bins and recycling



List of school closure


List of library closures

Health advice for residents affected by flooding

It is important to exercise caution when cleaning up following a flood as flood water may be contaminated. Information and advice can be found on the following websites: