Gritting and salt bins

To report a problem on the road due to ice or snow, please contact us:

Contact us online - ice or snow

or in an emergency, call 01766 771000.

Road gritting

When ice or snow is forecast, we pre-salt our main roads (bus routes and roads outside hospitals) to help keep them safe before the onset of snow or ice.

Map of priority 1 gritting routes

If severe ice is expected, or snow has fallen, other roads will be treated after successful treatment of the Primary Routes.

Travel information


Gritting pavements / footways

No. Ice and snow on footways will receive attention as soon as possible subject to resources. Priority will be given to busy shopping centres, hospital approaches, schools, colleges, health centres and care establishments.

Salt bins

Salt bins are usually placed away from the main roads near danger spots such as steep hills. Please do not use the salt on private driveways or paths. We don't supply salt to locations such as schools, offices or car parks.  

To report an empty or damaged salt bin, please contact us:

Contact us online - salt bins

To request for a salt bin to be installed at a new location, please contact your community council.


Snow and Ice

For information about Council services during severe weather, go to:

Severe weather - information about Council services