Noise complaints

If you live in Gwynedd and are affected by any of the noise problems listed below, get in touch with us:

  • Noisy neighbours  (e.g. loud music, alarms, building or DIY work during unreasonable hours of the day)
  • Noise from commercial premises (e.g. entertainment, air conditioning systems, alarms)
  • Noise from industrial premises (e.g. factories, building/Demolition work, alarms)
  • Car alarms/ loud car radios (only if the vehicle is parked)
  • Barking dogs – complete the barking dogs complaint form

Please note:  We do not have the powers to deal with every day domestic noises such as flushing toilets, doors opening and closing, children crying or people talking on the street.


How to complain?

Is it possible to complain anonymously?

No. We will not be able to take any enforcement steps unless you give your name when you complain.

What will happen after I complain?
The usual first step is that we send you a log sheet for you to keep a detailed record of the problem, including the time and date that it occurs.  This will help us investigate your complaint and decide on the next steps to be taken.  

We will also contact the person you are complaining about to inform them that a complaint has been made against them.

If the problem persists, an Inspector will look into the matter again, and if needed, a statutory notice will be given to stop or reduce the noise.  If the notice is ignored, we can prosecute through the courts.