Food Complaints

Occasionally you may purchase or consume a food or drink item, which falls below your expectation. Gwynedd Council has a duty to investigate food complaints in relation to food purchased within the county. 

There may be some occasions where the food has been produced within Gwynedd and sold within another county or a Gwynedd resident has purchased a food item outside Gwynedd and wishes to make a complaint in both examples Gwynedd Council may liaise with the relevant authority to facilitate matters.   

Please read the guidance document on food complaints as it gives examples of common food complaints, which are often as a result of the manufacturing process and are not a risk to public health.  


Report a concern - food or food premises 

If you have any concerns about a particular food business such as the fact that you have observed poor food hygiene practices, poor standards of cleanliness or that you believe that a business is displaying an incorrect Food Hygiene Rating sticker. Let us know:

Report a concern online - food or food premises



If you have an enquiry regarding food, or food premises in Gwynedd, please contact us

Online enquiry: food or food premises


Or call 01766 771000.

Note: Food Safety Officers will not be able to assist you pursuing any compensation or redress in relation to a food complaint and  it is Gwynedd Council’s policy not to investigate anonymous complaints of such nature.