Public Health Funerals

When someone dies and there are no relatives or friends to arrange a funeral, Gwynedd Council receives referrals to make funeral arrangements on their behalf.

The Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 section 46(1) requires the Council to arrange a cremation or a burial for a person who has died within Gwynedd where no suitable funeral arrangements have been or are being made.

  • arrange a cremation, unless the deceased person has noted otherwise
  • arrange a basic funeral service conducted as far as possible with the deceased's beliefs
  • place a notice the press 

If the deceased has left any money in a bank / building society, from an insurance policy or pensions, this will be used towards the funeral expenses. The Council may also recover funeral expenses through the sale of individuals personal belongings.

In cases where there are assets that exceed the cost of the funeral, and where there are no other bills outstanding, any money left will go to the Estates Group within the Bona Vacantia (small receipts) Division of the Treasury Solicitor, in accordance with the rules set down by the Secretary of State. For more information and to view the Treasury Solicitor's Estates register, please visit Bona Vacantia

View a list of public health funerals carried out by Gwynedd Council.

This list contains the individuals date of death, age, gender, confirmation of cremation or burial, funeral cost and whether the case was referred to the Treasury Solicitor. This list does not contain the individuals first name, surname, date of birth or last known address. This information is withheld to prevent crime and fraud. 



Do further discuss Public Health Funerals within Gwynedd, please calol the Public Protection Department on 01766 771000.