Recycling Centre Van Permit

If you use a van to bring your household waste to a recycling centre, you willneed a van permit.

Van permits are available FREE OF CHARGE. It will allow you to book up to 18 slots per year at a recycling centre to dispose of household waste (no commercial waste). Terms and conditions apply.

Apply for a Recycling Centre Van Permit

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Vehicles that need a permit
Vehicles classified as N1 [Vehicles designed and constructed for the carriage of goods and having a maximum mass not exceeding 3,5 tonnes] will need a van permit to book a slot at Gwynedd Council’s Recycling Centres.

If vehicles in the N1 category have windows and seats in the back a Permit is NOT needed.

Hire vans are not able to apply for a permit at the moment.


How to use the permit?
After you have applied for a permit, you can book a slot at a recycling centre. 

Book recycling centre slot online

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Staff at the recycling centre will be able to identify your permit by your vehicle’s registration number.


Why is a permit required?
Some businesses currently take their waste to the household recycling centres free of charge. The cost of disposing of business waste taken to our recycling centres is significant, and is paid for by taxpayers. The new permit scheme is one of the measures to help prevent this from happening.

You can also apply for a permit by calling 01766 771000.