Gwynedd Supporting People Hubs Fund Guidelines

1. What is the Gwynedd Supporting People Hubs Fund?


1.1 Gwynedd Council has established a revenue fund, with the financial support of the Welsh Government, to support Hubs that support residents in their areas. 


1.2 The main aim of the grant is to support local arrangements that will enable us to:


Understand needs and make the most of local assets, making connections, creating relationships and co-producing solutions in the community so that people can live good lives


Supporting People Hubs in communities have a contribution to make to fulfil this vision, namely - 


• Supporting individuals and communities to cope with life's challenges

• Develop new ways of working

• Working with local partners and services

• Simplify people's access to help and services


Through hubs/drop-in centres or similar that coordinate / draw together support in a geographical area (across groups, establishments, organisations / co-locating / facilitate bring services and partner activities to the area); and facilitate access to help and services locally, and to activities across the area by a number of partners. 


1.3 These local arrangements should be specific for fulfilling the following aims:

- providing information and advice;


-  providing / local access to information and advice on a range of issues;

- signposting and connecting vulnerable residents to services and activities;

- providing practical help to residents of all ages;


1.4 These local 'hubs' should be providing access to help with a range of issues, but specifically

-          Fuel poverty

-          Financial poverty / maximising income

-          Food Poverty

-          Digital Inclusion

-          Accommodation issues

-          Tackling Loneliness and Social Isolation

-          Being active in their community

-          Healthy Living / Living with a Limiting Illness

-          Disability

-          Responsibilities for caring for loved ones

-          Helping people to live independently

-          Having access to statutory services when help is needed to do this.


1.5 The Hubs should be supporting the entire population (all ages) in a geographical area (village, town, cluster of villages).


1.6. The Community Support Fund is a revenue fund until March 2023.


2. What level of grant can be awarded?

Revenue Funding is available to share for groups throughout Gwynedd. 


Applications are welcome by completing the application form and submitting a cost profile.


The costs should be for fulfilling the role of co-ordinating and co-ordinating the Hub proposal.


3. What type of projects could this Fund support?


We can support community 'hubs' that are already active to continue (to fulfil the aims of this fund) or to develop further (to support more of this fund’s aims). We can support organisations to establish, develop and coordinate new community hubs.


Examples of REVENUE expenditure that the Fund could support to fulfil the aims noted in 1 above:


  • Training / Expenses - for volunteers and groups to run 'hubs'


  • Running costs - contribution towards rent costs, power, a phone associated with running the 'hub'.


  • Staffing costs - contribution towards the costs of employing coordinators, managers, workers that provide the 'hubs'.


  • Marketing e.g. providing marketing material / information, interpretation boards or pamphlets advertising the 'hubs'


  • Costs of providing activities and services - associated with list 1.4 above, but it is important to note that the intention is to draw activities and services to provide from the hubs, with partners working together jointly, rather than developing anew. This is the direction that the grant aims to support.



Note that the above list are examples only


4. Who can apply for support?


Community groups which have a project that provides for the residents of Gwynedd can apply for support through the Gwynedd Supporting People Hubs Fund. You must meet the following criteria if you wish to apply for funding through this fund:


  • You must be a community or voluntary organisation located or operating within Gwynedd;
  • Your organisation cannot distribute profit;
  • Your organisation must have a legal and constitutional status;
  • Your organisation must have a clear management structure;
  • Your organisation must have a clear financial management system;
  • It must have operational principles which adhere to legislation on employment, health and safety, equality for workers and volunteers;
  • Show an understanding and commitment to equality in respect of access, language, culture, gender and ethnic matters;
  • Possess aims and objectives that are in accord with the activities financed through this grant;
  • Show that other groups and individuals in the area are part of the local arrangements and what their contribution is;
  • It must be shown that the principles of value for money have been followed in developing, implementing and running the scheme, such as ensuring that you follow the Tender Application Guidelines (copies are available from the Cist Gwynedd Office) for the work/service, especially in respect of the capital projects;
  • That operational principles are in place, which correspond with legislation relating to the protection of children and vulnerable adults.


If promoting religion is your group’s main aim, you will need to prove that what the fund is contributing towards is open to the entire community.    


Town/Community Councils can be are eligible to apply.


It will be a requirement that every project approved complies with the terms and conditions of the Gwynedd Supporting People Hubs Fund. In some circumstances special conditions could be imposed on a scheme.



5. How to apply for a grant?


You may apply for the Gwynedd Supporting People Hubs Fund by completing the appropriate application form. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully and ensure that your scheme responds to the guidelines and criteria.


Gwynedd Council officers are available to provide guidance. It is strongly advised that you contact an Officer to discuss the scheme before applying. The details of these officers are shown below:



Cist Gwynedd Senior Officer                                         01286 679 153


Community Support Officer

Bangor, Ogwen                

01248 605 276 / 01248605276


Community Support Officer

Caernarfon, Bro Peris, Bro Lleu     / 01286 882968


Community Support Officer

Pwllheli, Penllŷn                               / 01758 704120


Community Support Officer

Dysynni, Ardudwy, Dolgellau         / 01341 424504


Community Support Officer

Bala Penllyn, Bro Ffestiniog, Porthmadog a Penrhyndeudraeth / 07901 893006


6. When should an application be submitted?


It should be ensured that the application form is completed and all the required supporting and technical documents have been received by the relevant closing date.


CLOSING DATE for receiving applications: 5/8/22


We will aim to assess and approve applications within 10 days.