Postal vote

A postal vote means that a ballot paper is sent to you before the election. You will need to complete the ballot paper and send it back to the address noted before the election. 

Who can apply for a postal vote?

Anyone can apply for a postal vote without having to give a reason.

How do I apply for a postal vote?

Information on how to apply for a postal vote can be found on The Electoral Commission website:

Apply for a postal vote

How long does a postal vote last?

You can apply for just one election, for a specific time period or for a permanent postal vote (until you cancel it).

Why do I need to give my date of birth and signature to get a postal vote?

Postal voters in Wales and England must give their date of birth and signature when applying for a postal vote in order to improve the security of postal votes.
As a security measure, you will need to provide this information again with your ballot paper. Your signature and date of birth are separated from your ballot paper before the votes are counted so it does not affect the secrecy of your vote.

If you can't sign your application form and ballot paper special provision can be made. For more information call 01766 771000.

How secure is a postal vote?

It is an offence to complete a postal vote that is not your own or to influence how others complete their postal vote. If you suspect fraud you should contact the police.

What should I do if I have not received my postal ballot paper before the election?

You should receive your postal ballot paper at least a week before the election. If you have not received your paper call us on 01766 771000.

I've lost my postal ballot paper. Can I have another one?

Call us on 01766 771000.

If I've applied for a postal vote, can I still vote at the polling station on election day?


But you can take your completed postal ballot paper to any polling station within the region between 07:00 and 22:00 on election day. Contact us on 01766 771000 for information on polling stations. 

I've made a mistake on my postal ballot paper. What should I do?

Call us on 01766 771000.

Can I cancel a postal vote before the election?

Call us on 01766 771000.