Welsh in Business

As part of the Welsh Language Promotion Plan 2018-2023, the Council has committed to ensure that:

  • the private and business sector gives the Welsh language value and status and understands its value as a skill and a business asset.
  • an increased awareness amongst business owners and managers of the benefits of Welsh language skills in the workforce and the benefits of offering Welsh-medium services.

The Council is working with local businesses, especially in the tourist and leisure sectors, to giving advice on how to give Welsh an active platform in their business activities.Help and advice is availableI for new as well as established businesses, in whatever field they may be involved in. 

Businesses that have benefited from using Welsh

There are a number of businesses that have directly benefited from using Welsh and for different reasons.  Here are examples of two very different businesses, new and established that have profited:


Information about using Welsh in your business or charity

The Welsh language Commissioner offers valuable advice. Click below to see how hundreds of businesses have taken advantage of their expertise and experience.

What help is available 

If you’re running a business or thinking of starting a business from new, there are many sources of help available to you to advise you in the use of Welsh at work: 





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