Public Toilets Strategy

Gwynedd’s Cabinet has adopted a strategy that sets out how the Council aims to ensure adequate public toilets across the county despite the continued budget pressures facing public services.

The strategy which has been supported by Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet aims to promote the number of toilets that are available to the public across the county.


Like all of Welsh councils, Gwynedd has a statutory responsibility to assess the needs of the local community under the Public Health (Wales) Act 2017: Provision of Toilets. As part of this work, the Council has carried out public consultations on the matter seeking the views of residents, businesses and visitors who use the toilets.


The Local Toilet Strategy aims to:

  • Provide clean, safe, appropriately maintained facilities;
  • Maximise availability of toilets through Council partnership and other provision;
  • Publicise and promote toilet provision information through webpages and other media;
  • Ensure public awareness of toilet location, through good direction signage and individual facility information signs;
  • Assess the availability and distribution of facilities based upon demand;
  • Sustainable provision within the budget available.

The strategy also draws attention to important developments in ‘Changing Places’ toilets for disabled people.

Details about all Gwynedd toilets available to the public are now easily accessible on the map function on the Council website. Information about all Gwynedd Council, Snowdonia National Park and Community Toilets across the county can be seen here: 



Local Toilet Strategy May 2019

List of Gwynedd's public toilets

Assessment of Need

Draft Local Toilet Strategy Consultation Results

Equality Impact Assessment


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