Procurement policies

Procurement Priorities 

The Council spends over £140m annually on procuring, or purchasing, various goods and services from revenue budgets. In 2021/22, the Council purchased goods and services which were worth over £85 million to the local economy. 

In 2021/22, we saw a decrease in the percentage of local expenditure to 61% compared with 63% the previous year. New arrangements were introduced to seek to purchase goods and services in more innovative and efficient ways and steps have been taken in order to facilitate businesses' ability to compete for contracts. 

In 2022/23 we will continue with that work to raise awareness and understanding among businesses of the Council's procurement procedures and find other ways of supporting them further to deliver the services we need. 


Sustainable procurement policy

The purpose of the policy is to support services through providing policy direction, guidelines and corporate support to ensure that the Council undertakes procurement activities in a responsible and sustainable manner, whilst also maximising opportunities to make the best possible use of the Council’s expenditure to improve economic, environmental and social performance within the County.


Modern Slavery statement

In accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, Gwynedd Council recognises it has a responsibility as an employer to be aware of the potential for instances of modern slavery and to report such instances or concerns to the relevant bodies. 


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