Performance Measuring

Every year, as a Council we publish an Annual Performance Report in order to explain, in a clear and balanced way, what we have achieved over the previous year.

The Gwynedd Council Performance Report 2017/18 illustrates the Council’s day-to-day work, and explains how those services assist the people of Gwynedd. The report also weighs up how we have responded to the priorities that had been published in the Gwynedd Council Plan 2017/18. Appendix 2 within the Report shows how the Gwynedd Council Well-being Objectives have contributed to Welsh Government’s National Well-being Goals. Further details about achieving the Well-being Objectives can also be found at the end of the individual chapters.

We continually measure our performance throughout the year and Cabinet Members present reports to Cabinet meetings 2-3 times a year to outline the progress. Members of the Council’s Scrutiny Committees are also part of this continuous process of challenging performance. The Annual Performance Report brings these progress reports together and weighs up the success over the year.

As 2017/18 was the final year of implementing a Strategic Plan that started out on its journey in 2013, the Gwynedd Council Performance Report 2017/18 also looks back at a five-year period between 2013 and 2018.

Further information about some elements of Gwynedd Council’s performance can be seen on the following national websites -

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Previous Performance Reports

The Gwynedd Council Performance Report 2016-17 Gwynedd Council Performance Report 2016-17 reports on our performance against the priorities in the Strategic Plan 2015-17 Gwynedd Council Strategic Plan 2015-17.