Cyngor Gwynedd supports the simplification of the benefits system

Date: 27/02/2024

Cyngor Gwynedd has signed the Welsh Benefits Charter and is committed to working together with the Welsh Government to improve the Welsh Benefits System.

Some of the main purposes of the charter are to ensure that the benefits system in Wales is:

• fair and equal for all

• suitable for people's needs

• meeting the needs of disadvantaged groups

• removing the barriers that prevent people from claiming the benefits they are eligible for


Councillor Nia Jeffreys, Cyngor Gwynedd Deputy Leader and the Cabinet Member who leads on poverty prevention at Cyngor Gwynedd, said:

"As a Council, we are very proud to support this Charter to make it easier for the residents of Gwynedd to claim what they are eligible for.

"It is important that the residents of the county can access information and can claim benefits all in one place, and that in a simple way.

"It is also important that people understand what support is available to enable them to apply for benefits."

 Councillor Ioan Thomas, Cyngor Gwynedd's Cabinet Member for Finance, added:

"I am proud that Cyngor Gwynedd has already been working to simplify the process of claiming benefits and I am proud that this new Charter will support us to continue to improve the service.

“We work hard to demonstrate fairness and equality when providing benefits and grants and our staff are knowledgeable, experienced and receive ongoing training.

"This enables Council staff to help people access support directly or refer them to independent support and advice."

More information about the Welsh Benefits Charter is available on the Government's website here:

Welsh Benefits Charter | GOV.WALES

For more information about cost of living support available in Gwynedd go to the Council's website here: Cost of living help (