Working for Gwynedd Children Service

There are jobs available in the Children’s service. We are looking for people who…

  • Want to make a difference
  • Want to support children and young people in their communities
  • Want to put children and families at the heart of everything they do
  • Want to work for an employer who wants to develop their employees

Full and part time positions available, with good working terms and consistent hours.

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Read about the type of work available, the benefits and get a taste of what staff who currently do the jobs have to say…

The children’s service is very diverse with a number of different jobs available. For example

  • Social Workers
  • Family Support Workers
  • Youth Justice Workers
  • Support Workers for children and young people with additional learning needs
  • Team Around the Family Officers
  • Youth Workers

Gwynedd Council’s children services are proud to be considered as one that encourages innovation and creativity in the field of social work.

Development and Support

Workers will receive regular supervision and support.

We offer various learning and development opportunities with the option to learn remotely and part time while continuing to work and receive a salary.

There will be an opportunity for employees and managers to choose suitable qualifications that suit them for example:

  • Team Manager Development Programme / Middle Manager Development Programme
  • Practice Educator - To supervise students
  • Children and Young People qualifications level 3-5
  • Social services Practitioner qualification
  • A variety of specific qualifications for specialised fields of work.
  • Suitable Post qualification Social Work programmes
  • First 3 years in practice scheme for newly qualified Social Workers

A quote from one of the trainers… 

‘We’ve been working with Siobhan Maclean – a Trainer and an author in the field of Social Work. This is what she had to say:

"I always enjoy working with social workers in Gwynedd. As an organisation it seeks to be innovative in looking at how it can support staff in a range of ways. I am impressed that reflection seems to be embedded at every layer of the organisation which creates an emotionally rich environment for practice. Senior managers show a real commitment to the provision of individually tailored reflective supervision. There really seems to be space for creativity in practice. Whilst we can’t reinvent the wheel in areas like child protection it does need to be realigned every now and again and practitioners in Gwynedd get the opportunity to do that."


Gwynedd’s children services have developed many innovative services over the past few years.

Risk Model
The Risk Model is an example of a long term development which is now being used in several local authorities across Wales and England. It is a framework that supports practitioners to analyse the threshold of significant harm.

Effective Child Protection
The services continue to innovate in the field of child protection with the introduction of Effective child protection. This is a development that prepares the ground for the rest of the region in order to identify key improvements that need to be done to protect children more effectively. The work is presented with a strong focus on the support of a practice mentor and the use of reflection on practice.


The Emrallt Team
The Emrallt Team is an advisory service in Gwynedd which focuses on identifying and responding early to children and young people who display harmful and problematic sexual behaviour. Our work includes upskilling workers, providing resources and interventions for all professionals who work with children, young people and their families and promoting a multi-agency approach to dealing with this sensitive area of work. 

Quote from a family

"It's extremely beneficial to a family to have as much support as possible and it's been great to have someone come here to not only listen but give my son some feeling of security that someone is looking out for him... he's had someone he can trust to talk to and he feels safe."


Gwynedd Council offers…

  • Jobs with full or part time variable shift contracts in your area
  • Salary above the ‘living wage’ scale
  • A free D.B.S check
  • Free professional registration
  • An introduction to prepare you for work and free training
  • If you change careers we offer practical support to help you use your skills differently
  • Good work pension
  • Staff benefits scheme
  • Annual leave starting on 24.5 days pro rota
  • Support of an experienced manager, co-workers and co-workers from different department such as health and safety, occupational health and counselling
  • Equipment and resources to support you and keep you safe to include a personal supply of suitable protective equipment – gloves, masks, aprons… for free