Ffordd Gwynedd is the name given to the "way of working" that we at Cyngor Gwynedd have adopted in order to put the people of the County at the centre of everything we do. It is not a process or a theoretical idea but rather a collection of work arrangements, behaviours and culture which, together, allow us to be confident that we are looking at the service through the eyes of the user. 


Developing this culture means that it’s necessary to remove the obstacles that prevent our employees from doing their work, which forces us to continuously challenge the way we work. The decisions that follow are based on evidence rather than assumptions. It means working across the Council's internal structural boundaries in order to achieve what is needed, creating and maintaining a working environment that includes everyone. It also promotes and supports the mental and physical well-being of our employees as well as respecting key operating principles in the context of equality and language.




In the culture of Ffordd Gwynedd, teams’ question and challenge historical arrangements and processes that are taken for granted. Time is invested in recording workflow and what is actually happening. They identify unnecessary steps that no longer add value while identifying barriers to effective action. It encourages innovation and creativity with the emphasis on experimentation and then implementing the necessary changes. All of this helps us to improve service but, in order to maintain this "way of working", we have to change mentality above all else.