Support into work

Gwaith Gwynedd is here to help you or someone you know of who is:

  • lives in poverty or
  • in danger of living in poverty and
  • wants help finding work or
  • progressing in your career.

Gwaith Gwynedd offers:

  • friendly advice,
  • one to one support,
  • mentor to help develop individual's skills, 
  • find training, voluntary work or a job.

If you are looking for a job or wanting to keep in touch about opportunities in your area, join our Job vacancies in Gwynedd noticeboard on facebook. 

Help is available for those that need guiding into employment. We can also help by tacking individual's obstructions, whether mental health or wellbeing, housing or just guiding someone towards their first steps.  

What support is available?

  • 1:1 mentor
  • Updating CVs
  • Work experience
  • Developing skills
  • Raising confidence
  • Interview preparations
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Overcoming working obstacles 
  • Free access to vocational training
  • Create a Personal Development Plan



To complete a referral please complete the following questionnaire.

Gwaith Gwynedd Questionnaire


Gwaith Gwynedd Projects


Head over to the 'Gwaith Gwynedd' Facebook page to be to see weekly events from LLWYBR 

Communities for Work and More (CfW+) is available to those living in Gwynedd looking for work or are on a low income that want to work on their employability with the support of Gwaith Gwynedd.

Employability is a term for all that increases people's chances of getting into work or progressing their careers. Some people find this more difficult than others.

Gwaith Gwynedd works alongside partners to help people struggling to move ahead on the 'Employability Path'.

The Employability Path notes the support measures the individual can take to make sure they are employed. The Path supports people who are out of work; who face employability obstacles, and have a potential to move towards a sustainable employment or self-employment. Those taking part will benefit from our support the beginning, during or towards end of their journey on the path.


Contact us:

Phone: 01286 679211