You can view any information by the Council, but there are exceptions for information that should be confidential. This does not include information about yourself - this information can be found in the Data Protection Act section.

The absolute exemptions

s21     Information accessible to applicants by other means

s32     Court records.

s40     Personal information (where the applicant is the subject of the information)

s41     Information provided in confidence

s44     Prohibitions on disclosure e.g. where a disclosure is prohibited by an enactment or           would constitute  contempt of court 


Qualified Exemptions where the public interest test applies:

If the authority decides that one or more of the following exemptions apply, it must still release the information unless it concludes that the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosure.  

s22     Information intended for future publication

s30     Investigations and proceedings conducted by public authorities

s31     Law enforcement

s33     Audit functions

s36     Prejudice to effective conduct of public affairs

s38     Health and safety e.g. where disclosure of such information would endanger the physical or mental health or safety of any individual. 

s39     Environmental information

s40     Personal information concerning a third party and a s10 notice under the Data Protection Act 1998  applies to that information

s42     Legal professional privilege

s43     Commercial interests.