Highways and Municipal

Head of Department:

Steffan Jones
Gwynedd Council
Council Offices
Shirehall Street
LL55 1SH

Phone: 01766 771000

Popular forms:

E-mailSteffanJones@gwynedd.llyw.cymru This address should NOT be used to report day-to-day problems - please use the forms above.

The Department includes:

  • Highway maintenance
  • Street lighting

    Maintain street lighting and signage.

  • Bridges and retaining walls

  • Waste management

  • Waste treatment

    Recycling centres, Caergylchu, composting stations (garden and food waste), waste disposal, waste transfer and CCTV.

  • Waste collection

    Waste collection (domestic, commercial, bulky, clinical, nappies), recycling and composting.

  • Street enforcement and cleaning

    Street cleaning, street and dog fouling bins, Street Enforcement Wardens, flytipping, litter, dog control orders, graffiti on Council property, environmental offences committed on the street and waste enforcement

  • Municipal assets

    Bereavement/crematorium service, Council cemeteries and Bangor Crematorium, public toilets, playgrounds and maintenance of Council open spaces.

  • Fleet management

    Managing and maintaining the entire Council Fleet. 

  • Highways and municipal category team 

    Keep the benefits local, buy goods, services and works.
    Environmental Areas: Highways, Fleet, Engineering, Buildings.

Environmental policy

Highways and Municipal Environmental Policy: This policy outlines what the department is doing to minimise its negative impact on the environment and maximise its positive influence.