Corporate Leadership Team

The Corporate Leadership Team is the highest managerial level in the Council. It includes the Chief Executive and the Corporate Directors, and it is responsible for realising the Council's strategic priorities as well as ensuring effective governance.



Dafydd Gibbard

Phone number: (01286) 679 002



The Chief Executive is the most senior officer and is responsible for all staff employed directly by the Council. The role of the Chief Executive includes:

  • Leadership: Working with the Council's Elected Members to ensure strong and visible leadership and direction. Encouraging and enabling managers to motivate and inspire staff to achieve objectives agreed upon by the Council.
  • Strategic direction: Delivering the strategic priorities set by the Council’s Elected Members and stakeholders, by ensuring that staff understand and follow them.
  • Policy advice: Acting as the chief policy advisor to the Council's Elected Members.
  • Partnerships: Leading and developing strong partnerships with other public services, businesses and voluntary groups across Gwynedd and beyond to improve the quality of life in the County.

Governance: Supervising and coordinating performance and financial management, risk management and change management within the Council.


There are four departments in the Chief Executive's portfolio. The Chief Executive leads on strategic work as well as performance management arrangements in these fields.

  • Economy and Community⁠.
  • Environment.
  • Housing and Property.
  • Education.


The Corporate Directors deputise for and support the Chief Executive. They are responsible for the departments noted below. Within their portfolios, the Corporate Directors lead on strategic work as well as performance management arrangements.




Dylan Owen

Phone number: (01286) 679 923


The following departments are in the Director's portfolio:

  • Children and Supporting Families.
  • Adults, Health and Well-being.



Geraint Owen

Phone number: (01286) 679 387


The following departments are in the Director's portfolio:

  • Corporate Support.
  • Finance and IT.
  • -Legal Services.
  • Highways, Engineering and YGC.