Food Safety Management


It is a legal requirement for most food business to adopt and maintain a food safety management system that is based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Principles (HACCP).

The layout and format of Food Safety Management systems take many forms and the nature and size of your business will determine which one is suitable for you.

The majority of businesses in Gwynedd such as cafes’ and restaurants will benefit from using the Food Standards Agency’s Safer Food Better Business Pack, whereas manufactures and large caterers would be more suited to adopt a more traditional based HACCP.


Safer Food, Better Business

Safer Food, Better Business (SFBB) was developed by the Food Standards Agency to assist food businesses in complying with the HACCP requirements.

Below are packs to follow that can assist you as a business.  All pack are divided into two sections ‘Safe Methods’and ‘Diary’. 

The Food Business Operator or person responsible for food safety within the business must complete the ‘Safe Methods’ which are Cross-contamination, Cleaning, Chilling, Cooking and Management.

The diary only involves writing down anything different that happens, including anything that goes wrong.    


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