Free school transport

You can make an application for free transport if all the following points apply to your child:

  • your child lives in Gwynedd
  • your child attends the nearest school or the school in your catchment area 
  • the journey to school is more than 2 miles for primary school children and 3 miles for secondary school children – the journey from your home to school is measured by the shortest journey along a safe route.

It is expected that primary school pupils should walk up to 2 miles and secondary school pupils up to 3 miles (with the exception of those with special educational needs and disabilities) to meet any transport that is provided by Cyngor Gwynedd.

To receive free transport it is expected that pupils comply with the behavioural code for school transport. It is the parents’ / guardians’ responsibility to ensure that their children comply with the behavioural code. Not complying can result in losing the right to have free transport from home to school. If a pupil loses the right to free school transport, their parents / guardian must pay for transport from home to school. For more information look at the Travel behaviour code


Apply for free transport