Children in care

We have a legal responsibility to look after children who cannot live with their immediate families for reasons such as illness, neglect or abuse. Arrangements can be made for children and young people in these situations to live with family, friends or foster carers.

In these circumstances we have a responsibility as 'corporate' or 'public' parents to ensure that we provide looked after children with a level of care that we would expect caring parents to provide for their own children.


How do we support looked after children?

We give high priority to the child's health and education needs. In order to meet these needs, we need to provide an environment where the child feels a sense of belonging and trust and has the confidence to talk to carers.

We also support children and young people to maintain existing relationships with family and friends, to develop new relationships if they wish, and to pursue and develop other interests.


Do you look after someone else's child?

If so, you may be a private foster carer. You don’t have to be paid for this but you have to tell the Council about the arrangement. The child’s parents should do this 6 weeks before the arrangement starts, but in an emergency you have 48 hours to tell us.


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