Appointee service

An appointee is given a legal right to act on your behalf when you become unable to manage your own affairs. This includes looking after your finances.

An appointee will arrange to receive your state benefits and pay your bills. They will open a bank account in your name and ensure that you get the correct benefits, and will pay daily living bills using your money.

How do I appoint an appointee?

A relative, friend or representative can apply directly to the Department for Work and Pensions.

Can the Council be my appointee?

The Council can become your appointee if:

  • you receive social care services such as home care, day care or a support worker
  • you live in a residential or nursing home care and receive state benefits.

How do I arrange this?

If you want the Council to become your appointee, speak to the person who provides or arranges your care and they will help you to arrange this.