Support at home

After a period of illness or an accident, you may need help to regain your independence, support your standard of living and regain confidence.

We can assist you with this. The process will start with an assessment. 


What is an assessment? 

Here we will find out how much help you need, what is important to you and what support you have at the moment.

Learn more and apply for an assessment


What will happen after the assessment? 

A personal care package will be created for you following the assessment.

The care package will be explained to you, and your social worker will inform you of the home care you will receive.

We will also continue to monitor your needs to ensure you live the life you want.


What kind of help is available?

The type of help you receive will depend on your care package.

If you discover that you need home care, you will learn about our new way of working at a community level. Learn more about the Home Care Project

If you need ongoing care it is possible to receive a financial assessment to see if it is possible to receive help towards the costs of the care.

If the assessment states that you are not eligible for support, we will be here with information and advice on other services that can help you live independently and confidently.


Contact us

For more information or to request an assessment please contact us.