Move a body to / from Wales or England


Moving a body out of Wales or England

To move a body out of Wales or England, you will need consent from the Coroner. You can contact the Coroner’s Office by calling 01286 672804.

This arrangement is relevant in all instances where a body is moved out of Wales or England, not only when the death has been referred to the Coroner.  

The consent will be needed at least 4 days before moving the body (although some exemptions apply).

For further information please contact the Coroner’s Office on 01286 672804 or visit Directgov (external link).


Bringing a body into Wales or England

If a person dies outside of Wales or England and you want the body to be buried in Gwynedd, please call Gwynedd Council’s Registration Service on 01766 771000.

For further information, call 01766 771000 or visit Directgov (external link).