Welsh Language Activities

Gwynedd Welsh language activities map 

If you are looking for any kind of activities in your local area, be that a reading group, a sports team for your kids, or somewhere you can go to practise your Welsh skills in an informal setting you can serch this map to find out what’s going on.    

A map has been developed specifically to promote community activities in Gwynedd that are being held and conducted through the medium of Welsh.  It is part of our commitment to promote the Welsh language and to try and encourage further use of Welsh as a day to day language.  

Clubs and groups can submit their information on the map, and to promote their own activities.

View Welsh language activities map 

If you are responsible for a group or club that meets regularly and that offers activities in Welsh, you can load your information on the map by filling the online form

Register your activities - holiadur Gweithgareddau  The information will then be loaded to the map automatically for everyone to see.   

The map has been created to show regular activities, that are held weekly or monthly, at the same time and/or in the same location – not one off events.  

Disclaimer:Even though we will monitor the map regularly, the Council does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information on the map.  It is the responsibility of the individuals that are inputting the information on behalf of the groups/club/association to ensure the information is current and correct, and that no personal information is shared without the permission of the individual concerned.    

The map is in a testing period at the moment, so please let us know if you have any feedback or problem. You can contact us by using the e-mail iaith@gwynedd.llyw.cymru

Activities for Families 

Several exciting activities are arranged for families throughout the year. Find out more by following the link below to Gwynedd’s Family Information Service

 View activities through the medium of Welsh for families


Community Activities 

Hunaniaith, Gwynedd’s language initiative organises an array of activities within the community for all ages:


Hunaniaith - Facebook 




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