Cyngor Gwynedd Diversity Statement

This Council commits to being a Diverse Council. Therefore, we wish to reflect the community in which we live by increasing the number of females, young people, disabled people, people from the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities and people who identify as LGBTQ+ who stand in the elections to be a Gwynedd Councillor.     

We commit to 

  • Provide a clear public commitment to improving diversity in democracy
  • Demonstrate an open and welcoming culture to all, promoting the highest standards
    of behaviour and conduct
  • Promote actions as a Diverse Council ahead of the 2022 local elections
  • Work towards the standards set out in the Wales Charter for Member Support and
  • Demonstrate a commitment to a duty of care for Councillors
  • Consider how to provide flexibility in council business by reviewing our practical
  • Continue to encourage all members to take up the allowances and salaries to which
    they are entitled, particularly any reimbursement for costs of care, so that
    all members receive fair remuneration for their work and that the role of member is
    not limited to those who can afford it.
  • Work towards ensuring that councillors from under-represented groups are represented whenever possible in high profile, high influence roles.