Local Housing Market Assessment

Gwynedd’s Local Housing Market Assessment (LHMA) provides a robust evidence base to inform the Local Housing Strategy (LHS) and the Gwynedd Joint Local Development Plan (LDP) and its policies. It can also be used as a tool for determining housing mix, affordable housing provision in new developments and allocating Social Housing Grant (SHG).

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It is vital that local authorities have a comprehensive understanding of their local housing market and a robust evidence base on which to make informed decisions about future housing provision in terms of both market and affordable housing delivery, number of bedrooms required and affordable housing tenure. Therefore all local authorities in Wales are required to carry out a Local Housing Market Assessment (LHMA) every five years with a mid term review.

The LHMA is prepared in line with guidance by the Welsh Government; Local Housing Market Assessment Guide (2006) and supplementary guidance Getting started with your Local Housing Market Assessment (2014).

Overall the supply of new housing, particularly affordable (social and affordable) housing has not kept pace with demand in Gwynedd, therefore this latest LHMA has a significantly higher figure than the previous assessments . This LHMA has identified the need for 707 additional affordable homes annually over the plan period (2018-2023).

To contact the Housing Strategy Team, or for more information please phone 01286 679 289 or email unedstrategoltai@gwynedd.llyw.cymru