Gwynedd Werdd

Gwynedd Council has a vision that Gwynedd will thrive in the future –  with economically and socially enterprising and vibrant sustainable communities, where the Welsh language is central to its prosperity, and where people of all ages can take advantage of new opportunities and choose to stay in the area to live and work.

Gwynedd Werdd has been developed as part of a package of programmes to achieve this vision. 

This is a long term aim, with recent action focussing on renewable energy.  Gwynedd Werdd has studied the potential for producing renewable energy by making the most of the natural resources throughout the county. 

This has allowed us to understand:

  • what resources are available and where
  • what the economic benefits are if we utilise this potential
  • and the barriers that need to be overcome to make the most of the available resources.

The Gwynedd Werdd Scoping Study has highlighted the potential to deploy over 110 Megawatts by 2020.  This could create up to 160 operational jobs and inject £16m into the local economy.

To make the most of these opportunities Gwynedd Werdd, in partnership with the Carbon Trust Wales, is now gathering further information about sites for hydropower production plus there is work being completed  into the development of a sustainable local supply chain for wood fuel.  We are working with Bangor University and the Llŷn Peninsula community group YnNi Llŷn to better understand the tidal resource at the end of the peninsula.

Gwynedd Werdd alongside Anglesey Energy Island is also working with local colleges to ensure that training needed to make the most of renewable energy is available.


Further information

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