Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy

Potentially contaminated sites include landfill sites, former gasworks, former military establishments, petrol filling stations, former tanneries, chemical works, mines, quarries, and various other land with an industrial past.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, we have a responsibility to inspect the area from time to time in order to identify contaminated land. Read our Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy.

The document shows how land is identified, investigated and where necessary designated as contaminated and remediated.

We give each site which could be contaminated a risk score. Based on 'data point' information from historic maps, 6555 sites could be contaminated. We use specialist software (GeoEnviron 7.0 and ArcMap 9.3) and old maps and aerial images in order to draw each site's boundaries and give a risk score.



Contaminated Land Public Register

The Council must keep a public register which is a full and permanent record of all regulatory steps taken in order to remediate contaminated land. The following information must be held on the register:

  • Remediation Notices
  • Appeals against Remediation Notices
  • Remediation Declarations
  • Remediation Statements
  • appeals against Charging Notices
  • Designation of Special Sites
  • notification of claimed remediation
  • convictions for offences under section 78M of the Act (non compliance with a Remediation Notice)
  • guidance issued under section 78V(1) (guidance given by the Environment Agency Wales)
  • other environmental control (where the Local Authority is precluded from issuing a Remediation Notice)

The following information is held on the register:

Contaminated land register
Document type Relevant subsection of Part IIA of
the Environmental Protection Act 1990
Contaminated site location Date
Remediation Notice  78R(1)a 10 & 12 Bangor Street, Y Felinheli, LL56 4JD  10/08/2007
Validation / Verification report   78R(1)H 10 & 12 Bangor Street, Y Felinheli, LL56 4JD  10/08/2009


You can also view the register at the Dwyfor Area Office, Ffordd y Cob, Pwllheli, LL53 5AA during office hours. To arrange an appointment, call the Environment Officer on 01758 704 125 or e-mail