Carbon Management Plan

The Carbon Management Plan was produced with the assistance of the Carbon Trust in response to the challenges of climate change. The Council has a key role to play in ensuring that our communities are prepared for the future. 

As part of the Gwynedd Local Services Board, Gwynedd Council is committed to an ambitious target of reducing carbon emissions by 60% by 2021. The first step of the Plan is to try to reduce the Council's carbon emissions by 30% by 2014/15. 

Gwynedd Council will invest £7million on carbon management projects to create annual savings of £900,000 and in order to achieve its targets of reducing carbon emissions. 

The wider aim of Gwynedd Council is to reduce the general carbon emissions of the county.  This Scheme is the first step on the road to achieving a low carbon County.

You can discuss the Carbon Management Plan and any observations that you may have by contacting the Energy Conservation Team on 

Case Studies

Sbarci a Fflic

Sbarci a Fflic is a fun website which helps primary schools and the county's pupils to try to save energy. It raises awareness of energy usage and climate change and encourages regular monitoring of the school's usage of energy.