Tomorrow's Gwynedd

Our ambition is to ensure that every child educated in Gwynedd gets: 

  • Treated equally, encouraged to treat others equally and that we give priority to their happiness and well-being.
  • Education of the best possible standard including access to a broad range of academic and vocational subjects to fulfil the requirements of the new 'Curriculum for Wales'.
  • Access to Welsh-medium education throughout their time in education.
  • Educated in buildings that are in a good state of repair, and to the best of our ability are safe and fit for purpose. 
  • The opportunity to develop into rounded citizens, who are content and confident in the world.
  • Tailored support from professional services to meet their additional learning needs.
  • The opportunity to have a nutritious meal in school, free of charge to as many pupils as possible. 
  • Access to equipment and technology that promote modern and effective learning. 
  • An assurance of suitable facilities and playing fields that are available for children and young people in their leisure time.

Tomorrow’s Gwynedd Projects 

The early years are key to the social development of children, and the importance of this phase was particularly seen during the pandemic. We will transform this service and we will be collaborating with the health service and Mudiad Meithrin in order to ensure that all of the county's children have the best possible start to their time in education. 

All the county's primary schoolchildren will get free school meals, and we will also consider if it is possible to extend this to secondary pupils.  Consequently, we will need to upgrade our kitchens and dining areas to cope with the higher numbers who will be having school dinners.

Despite significant investment over the last decade, several of the county's school buildings are old and need modernisation.  We will continue to make improvements to schools across the county, specifically in the Bangor and Cricieth areas, and we will take every opportunity to apply for grant assistance to enable us to modernise existing buildings and develop new buildings.  

We will also complete our review of post-16 education arrangements in Arfon to ensure that they offer the best arrangements for the area's learners. 

With the increasing costs of daily items such as school uniform, food, transport and stationery, we will revisit the costs associated with sending children to school, with the intention of reducing these costs, whilst protecting the education and valuable experiences that our children have during and after school hours.  

We will also deal with broader well-being matters, including emotional and psychological challenges, which affect children and young people, for example gaining confidence, equality, mental health, transport issues, and securing work experience and job opportunities.

Opportunities for play are important to a child's development and providing quality playing fields is one way to promote these.   We will therefore revisit all our playing fields and develop a plan that will consider how we can improve and maintain them.   

We will also look at how the new provision for our Youth is working across the county and what outcomes this delivers for young people.