A Welsh Gwynedd

As a national leader we will promote the growth of the Welsh language in all parts of the county. Our ambition is to:  

  • Ensure that every child in Gwynedd can use Welsh confidently in school and in their social life. 
  • Promote the growth of the Welsh language in all parts of the county and ensuring there are sufficient opportunities for everyone to be able to use the Welsh language naturally in their communities. 
  • Work jointly with our partners to facilitate the ability for Gwynedd residents to have access to all public services through the medium of Welsh.
  • Ensure that promoting the Welsh language is a key part of all the Council's work, and any plans that impact the people of Gwynedd. 
  • Support efforts to create new Welsh-speakers of all ages.
  • Ensure access to facilities and information of a good quality in relation to leisure, culture and the arts. 


A Welsh Gwynedd Projects 

It is essential that learners who are latecomers get opportunities to learn Welsh as soon as possible, through a first-rate modern provision, that is spread across Wales.  It is essential that learners who are less confident in their Welsh language also have an opportunity to gain confidence and to improve their Welsh with the support of the Immersion Education System.  We also wish to see our language immersion methods to support the Welsh language expanded in schools that serve communities where opportunities to use Welsh in the home and outside school are limited.  This project in cooperation with the Immersion System and our schools will give all our learners the best opportunity to become confident Welsh-speakers who can use the language in all aspects of life.

We will conduct specific projects that will promote the use of Welsh and increase the opportunities to use the Welsh language in the community. This will include increasing the use of the Welsh language when dealing with public and community services. 

Review Gwynedd's Education Language Policy along with undertaking an evaluation of the Immersion System to ensure that all education policies and services provided in Gwynedd set a firm foundation for the Welsh language, contribute to Cymraeg 2050, and reflect the most recent changes in the field by the Welsh Government.