Cynllun Yfory

Cynllun Yfory, Gwynedd Council's Graduate Scheme, gives you the opportunity to understand more about local government and we will offer you hands-on experiences across departments to develop your leadership and management skills. You will receive various opportunities to develop your skills to achieve a long and prosperous career here.

For more information about the scheme, take a look at the video below:   


Purpose of the scheme

The Scheme gives you the opportunity to develop expertise in a key area and to understand more about the requirements of working in local government. You will receive practical experiences and many opportunities to develop your specialist and personal skills to ensure a long and prosperous career here. 

The Scheme is a unique opportunity for anyone with a degree or equivalent, to develop a career at Gwynedd Council. If you have ever thought about working for local government, Cynllun Yfory is perfect for you.


£24,982- £27,041

The exact salary point will be dependent upon progress.

What are the basic requirements?

The candidates must reach the basic requirements below to apply:

  • You must have (or are expected to be awarded) a 2:1 degree or higher. Your degree can be in any field. You are qualified to apply whenever you graduate. 
  • You must be fluent in both Welsh and English.
  • You must hold a GCSE C or above in Mathematics, Welsh, English and Science
  • You are passionate about working in local government
  • You have shown a willingness to lead others e.g. in an educational situation (school, college, university) in sports, social community or work.


1. Do I need experience in the specific field before I can apply for the job?

No, you do not need previous experience but you will need to show a willingness to develop.

2. How do I apply?

It is possible to apply for the post through the Gwynedd Council website.

The application process will open soon!

3. Do I need a specific degree in order to apply?

No, you do not need a specific degree but you must have gained any degree of 2:1 or above.

4. What is the length of the scheme?

The Scheme’s length will depend on the length of the qualification you will study.

5. Is there a guaranteed job at the end of the Scheme?

Every possible effort will be made to ensure that the successful candidate is given all possible opportunities to secure a post at the end of the Scheme.

Since the start of the Scheme, the Council is proud to say that the majority of successful candidates have gained a permanent post in the Council at the end of the Scheme. 

6. What support will be available to me during the plan?

Full support will be offered to the successful candidate throughout the scheme - during placements and while studying for the qualification.

7. I have applied for the post before but was not successful. May I apply again this year?

Of course! If you meet the post’s requirements then we would welcome you to apply again even if you were not successful the first time.

8. What is the application process?

1. Apply online

2. We will shortlist

3. Recruitment Centre

4. Formal interview

5. Appointment