“Gwynedd Council’s Women in Leadership program has been nothing short of transformative for me, not only professionally but also personally. When starting the sessions I wasn't sure why I was there as I wasn't leading a team and at the time I didn't think I had the experience or the confidence to lead a team in the future. This is exactly what the program has given me. The confidence and understanding of team leadership aspects so that I am now keen to put in applications for management positions”. 


“Two weeks before finishing the program I had the opportunity to apply for a job at a higher level and I was very lucky to be offered the position, this is all down to the program for not only giving me the confidence but also the skills and understanding I have gained over the two months pushing me out of my comfort zone. I am very grateful to the team behind the program but also to all the women who were on the program with me, sharing experiences and learning from them was just as valuable as what we learned. I would encourage anyone to go for it and grab a place on this great programme!” 


Buddug William Owen

North Wales Regional Engagement and Multi-LA Project Lead.