Name: Enlli Gwyn Garton Jones

Lives in: Llanrug

Job: Finance Apprentice

Qualification: AAT (accountancy and finance qualification)


After finishing my A Levels, I started a Forensic Psychology degree at Bangor University, but I realised that this was not the path for me. I decided to take a year out to work and earn my own money, with the intention of returning to University to study Accountancy.

A member of the family gave me the idea of an apprenticeship, and after looking into it, I realised that this was the perfect path for me. Choosing this career meant that I would earn money by completing qualifications that were relevant to the job, and learn in practice at work with colleagues who share their experiences.

I am very lucky to be a part of the Cyngor Gwynedd team, and being in a Welsh environment, which helps me to be much more comfortable in my job. I hope to be able to develop myself further with the Council by completing further qualifications and build a career and a future here.