Cyngor Gwynedd operates internally through the medium of Welsh and offers all its services bilingually. 

We are progressive in our use of the Welsh language here and have made a name for ourselves as a leading employer in the field. 

Cyngor Gwynedd’s Language Policy confirms our commitment to adhere to the principles of the Welsh Language Standards, to take advantage of every possible opportunity to encourage the County's residents to use the Welsh language when using our services, and reflects Cyngor Gwynedd’s ambition to promote and raise the status of the Welsh language through all its work. 


Apply for a job with us

When applying for a job with us, you will need to reach the language level that is specified in the job's Personal Specification.  

Managers will decide on the exact level of ability and communication skills that will be required to fulfill all the requirements of the job (listening and speaking, reading and understanding and writing) by using the Council's Language Framework.  

We encourage everyone applying for a job with Cyngor Gwynedd to submit applications in Welsh or bilingually. (Applications that are submitted in English only will be treated completely equally, but the applicant is asked to carefully consider what the language requirements of the position and the organisation are, and whether submitting an application in only Welsh would be more suitable).  

In special circumstances (e.g. if we have failed to appoint someone who has all the required skills at the second attempt) it may be suitable to appoint individuals who have the other relevant skills and who show a commitment to developing the linguistic skills over time. In those cases, Cyngor Gwynedd’s Learning and Organisational Development Service will be able to provide support and organise bespoke training, and a suitable development program will be drawn up in an agreement between Cyngor Gwynedd, as the employer, the manager, and the post holder in order to bridge the gap between the individual's skills and the linguistic skills required for the job.


What our employees have to say

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