Cyngor Gwynedd is an employer committed to equality and diversity and is ready to ensure inclusion in the workplace. We work continuously to eliminate illegal discrimination, harassment and victimisation, see progress in equal opportunities and foster good relationships between people who have protected characteristics and those who do not. We have a responsibility to ensure fairness for all the people of Gwynedd and according to their needs. 



Cyngor Gwynedd is an inclusive employer in terms of disability and determined that we work together with applicants to ensure equal opportunities and to support them with reasonable adjustments as needed.   

As an employer we: 

  • Offer an interview to disabled people who meet the essential person specification requirements for the job 

  • Show flexibility when assessing people so that disabled candidates can have the best chance at interview. 

  • Offer and make reasonable adjustments when the need arises 

  • Ensure that our staff have appropriate awareness of disability equality 

  • An internal website designed for staff to raise equality awareness and experts to support and advise on working processes. 

  • Ensure there are no obstacles to the development and progress of disabled staff 

See more about the support available to disabled applicants 


Women in Leadership

We are proactive in trying to ensure that women are supported to consider and apply for management and leadership positions within Cyngor Gwynedd and try to identify and remove obstacles that hold some women back in their career.  

The 'Women in Leadership' program runs regularly and is very popular amongst our staff. It gives women opportunities to be part of developing forums and activities, for example:  

  • Workshops to raise awareness of what the group is trying to achieve; 

  • Networking opportunities for women - not only with women within Cyngor Gwynedd but also beyond to share experiences and good practice; 

  • Opportunities to listen to inspirational guest speakers; 

  • Training and development opportunities. 

Marian Evans - Elevate BC

"I am excited by the incredible work you are doing in Gwynedd and the Council's commitment to invest in the leaders of the future. We don't often see this!”

Marian Evans, Elevate BC 


The program develops women's skills to increase their influence and impact, boosts confidence, enables them to build on professional networks and allows them to reflect and drive forward with a new perspective.     

Gwynedd Council tries to raise awareness and focus on the value and importance of women in the workplace and offers events for men within the Council as well as women.  

All this activity contributes to one of the Council's main priorities (An Efficient Gwynedd) in terms of reducing inequality within the county and promoting an open and inclusive working culture.