Tendering process

Tendering is the process used by the Council to invite suppliers to supply goods or services to the Council.

Gwynedd Council tenders for any goods, services or works which total over £50,000. The aim is to create an effective, fair and transparent competition between companies to ensure value for money for the Council and the taxpayer.

The most popular tendering procedures used by the Council are either: 

  • The 'Open procedure’: When any supplier can tender for work without going through a pre-qualifying procedure. It is usually used where there are limited suppliers within the market or where the level of risk is low.
  • The 'Restricted procedure’: Requires suppliers to complete a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) before they are allowed to tender for the Council's work. It is usually used in situations where there is high competition but also high risk.

Further information can be found in the questions and answers below:

Where does the council advertise tenders?

Gwynedd Council advertises it’s tenders on the Welsh Government’s portal: Sell2Wales 

Is it possible to be informed when a relevant tender to my business is advertised?
Yes. When you register on Sell2Wales you will create a profile for your business. By providing detailed information about your business within the profile you it will help Sell2Wales to determine which tenders could be of interest to your business.

If you have included your full details and correct Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) codes, the system will send you an automatic e-mail when there is an advert placed that is relevant to your business.

What are CPV codes?
The CPV codes are the codes used to identify different fields of work.  You can find further information on the Sell2Wales website or by contacting Business Wales on 01248 672672.

Is there a charge to register on the Sell2Wales website?
No, there no is no charge to register and the system is simple to use.

Is it only Gwynedd Council that uses the Sell2Wales website?
No. The Sell2Wales website is used by all public sector bodies in Wales. This means that you can promote your business, see all public sector contract notices, and make contact with the entire public sector within Wales.

Are there any further advantages of registering?

If you register you will be able to;

  • have access to the latest news and events in Wales regarding procurement and tendering,
  • participate in supplier/buyer forums to discuss best practices,
  • search the database of suppliers to find possibilities of submitting bids jointly,
  • download useful documents, e.g. EU legislation, tendering guidelines, buyers' policies and articles on how to succeed.

Is it possible to be included on your approved suppliers list?

The Council is moving away from the use of Approved Lists and favours framework contracts.
We advise suppliers to register on the Sell2Wales website to view our adverts for contracts and requests for quotations.  

What are EU contracts (OJEU)?
Gwynedd Council must confirm to the European rules when tendering for work with a value over a certain threshold. Further information and details about the thresholds are available on the Office of Government Commerce website.

I’ve heard changes are being introduced to Gwynedd Council’s tendering, buying and paying processes. Will these changes affect my business?

Some changes will be introduced to the way we trade with our suppliers as an electronic e-procurement system is implemented. 

E-procurement will enable you to tender electronically, as well as receive your orders electronically and send invoices back to the Council electronically. This will create substantial savings to ordering and invoicing costs for both parties. For further information please visit the e-tender Wales website

Our tenders will still be advertised on the assembly's website, Sell2Wales and therefore this will still be the main information source for suppliers. The biggest difference to expect is that the interaction between the Council and the supplier will be electronic rather than on paper.


Where can I find Gwynedd Council's standard terms and conditions?

Information and useful links regarding procurement in Gwynedd can also be found in the Working with Gwynedd  booklet.

Is there support available to complete the Council's tender documents?

Yes. If you need assistance, contact details can be found on the actual tender document. Business Wales can also offer advice, and holds sessions on how to tender. Contact Business Wales on 01745 585 025.

What happens if my submission is late?

Unfortunately, the Council can not accept any submissions received after the closing date/time specified.

If unsuccessful with my submission, is it possible to receive feedback?

Yes. The Council can offer feedback on any unsuccessful submission to assist suppliers improve for the future. 

To receive feedback, please contact the contact point noted on the tender document, or contact Gwynedd Council’s Corporate Procurement Unit using the contact details below.

If you can't find what an answer to your question on this page, please contact us on 01286 679213 or caffael@gwynedd.llyw.cymru