Enterprising Communities Challenge

Enterprising Communities Challenge is a project that works with Canolfan Henblas, Menter y Plu and Partneriaeth Ogwen. This is a groundbreaking projects that manifests their ideas in order to circulate money within their communities and create jobs.


Canolfan Henblas, Y Bala

The project supports the development of Canolfan Henblas. This will enable more local businesses to move into the building, creating a communal hub and an office space. 

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Menter y Plu, Llanystymdwy

Menter y Plu is currently appointing a Development Officer to develop different projects within the enterprise. The officer will be responsible for local engagements and investigating ideas to develop employment, volunteering and training opportunities, 

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Partneriaeth Ogwen, Bethesda

Partneriaeth Ogwen has recognised work streams for this project under the term 'Cefnogi Busnesau a Mudiadau Cymunedol Dyffryn Ogwen' (Supporting Dyffryn Ogwen Community Businesses and Organisations). The project aims to work with businesses and organisations within Dyffryn Ogwen's community to develop a project that will encourage better co-operation to strengthen the local economy. 

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