Snowdonia Enterprise Zone

Since 2012, Gwynedd Council have been working together with Welsh Government to facilitate the development of two of Meirionnydd’s key strategic sites – Trawsfynydd Nuclear Site and Snowdonia Aerospace Centre, Llanbedr

These sites are part of Welsh Government’s Snowdonia Enterprise Zone, and their development is guided by a board of experts

The Council supports this work as part of its commitment to support any development which might bring well paid jobs to Gwynedd, and Meirionnydd in particular, as noted in the Gwynedd Council Plan 2017-18.

As part of the work, the Council coordinates an Oversight Board for each of the sites which includes representatives of the organisations which are key to their development.

Developing Trawsfynydd Site 

There are a number of developments in the pipeline to develop the former Trawsfynydd Power Station, as a response to the economic challenge which will be faced once decommissioning is complete:

Trawsfynydd Site Development Strategy

The Council, in association with Magnox Ltd (the site’s management company), Welsh Government and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (the site’s owners), are looking to develop opportunities which may arise from the site’s exceptional assets and resources, in order to create and safeguard high value jobs for local residents.

Trawsfynydd Site Development Strategy

As part of the work, a number of studies have been completed, including an analysis of the likely economic impact of the completion of decommissioning on the site, without an alternative industry to take its place.

Along with looking directly at attracting high value jobs to the site, projects have also been completed to develop Trawsfynydd Lake to allow local people and visitors to enjoy it’s unique environment.  You can now follow a footpath circuit around the lake, and enjoy a variety of activities and facilities including a cafe.

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Developing Snowdonia Aerospace Centre, Llanbedr

We are also working with Welsh Government and the owners of Llanbedr Airfield to develop Llanbedr Aerospace Centre, to allow the site to reach its potential by restoring its place as a Centre of Excellence for Remotely Piloted Air Systems.  The site has specialised in this technology throughout its history with the Royal Air Force, and at one time employed over 150 people.   

As part of a wider package of improvements, designs to improve access to the site with a new road have been developed through extensive consultation, and submitted for planning permission.

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