You must have a skip permit to place a skip on the public highway. This includes the pavement and grass verge. Gwynedd Council are responsible for issuing the licences.


How to apply?

Applications are made on-line and are only accepted from skip hire companies. Individual members of the public cannot apply for skip permits.

If you need a skip, contact your desired skip hire company who will apply for the licence on your behalf.

Skip hire companies should complete the application form below.

Complete an on-line application

Please complete the application at least 5 working days before the date you want the license to start.



£70 is the price of a skip permit license application. If permitted, the license is valid for up to1 month.

In order to have a longer license you must renew your license before the first license expiries. 


Renewals fees

£70 is the price of a renewal.

Contact us to renew:

  • 01766 771 000

Need to pay a fine?

If you've been fined for not having a skip license, contact us in order to pay it:

  • 01766 771 000


Further information