Ysgol Brynaerau ac Ysgol Talysarn

Federating Ysgol Brynaerau and Ysgol Talysarn (Dyffryn Nantlle Catchment area)


Report on the proposal to federate Ysgol Brynaerau and Ysgol Talysarn


The Proposal

This document outlines the proposal made by the Governing Bodies of Ysgol Brynaerau and Ysgol Talysarn to establish a federation between the two schools from 6 of January 2020, in accordance with the Federation of Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations (2014).

The term ‘federation’ describes a formal and legal agreement whereby more than one school (between two and six) share governance arrangements and have a single governing body. In this instance, a governing body with a new single constitution (The Federation Governing Body) which would replace the 2 existing individual governing bodies. Both schools will retain their identities, and no changes would be made to the names of both schools.


The federation will be called: FFEDERASIWN TALAERAU

If the proposal is approved, the federation will commence on 6 January 2020.



Following a series of meetings between September 2017 and May 2018 which included the Strategic Head of Ysgol Talysarn and Brynaerau, the Head of Education Service, the Authority’s Area Education Officer, the Governing Bodies of Ysgol Talysarn and Ysgol Brynaerau, and parents, correspondence was received from the governors of both schools stating their intention to put forward a proposal to federate Talysarn and Brynaerau schools.

Consequently, a Working Group was established, which included representation from the governing bodies of Ysgol Talysarn and Ysgol Brynaerau. The first meeting of the Group was held on May 1 2019, and Gwynedd Council officers were invited to discuss possible options and the way forward.

At a subsequent meeting held on 16 May, the Working Group decided to hold a formal consultation on the option to federate both school by January 2020.

This consultation would be led by the Working Group (with the consent of the two governing bodies individual) in accordance with the Federation of Maintained Schools in Wales (2014) Regulations, to ascertain the views of parents, the Talysarn and Brynaerau school councils on the proposal to federate.


The consultation

The consultation has come to an end. 

Consultation Document

Consultation Document For Primary Children