Annual parking ticket

By purchasing an annual parking ticket, you can park for free at some of Gwynedd’s car parks.

There are two parking tickets available

  • 6 months parking ticket
  • 12month parking ticket

Your parking ticket will be valid from the issue date.


How much does it cost?

A 6 month parking ticket is £62.50

A 12 month parking ticket is £125


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FAQs: annual parking ticket

Where can I use it?

An annual parking ticket allows you to park at some of the Council’s long stay car parks. People over 60 years old can also park at the short stay car park (for up to 2 hours within any 24 hour period).

A list of the car parks can be found in the 

terms and conditions: annual parking ticket.

Buy an annual parking ticket

To buy an annual parking ticket, call 01766 771000 or download the application form

Renew your annual parking ticket

We'll send you a reminder letter before your ticket expires which will explain how to renew your ticket. We will inform you when you need to update your ticket. It would be useful for you to  provide an e-mail address with your application so that we could send an e-mail reminding you. 

If you don’t receive this e-mail, please call 01766 771000 (you will need the number of your current annual parking ticket when you call).

Lost annual parking ticket

If you have lost your annual parking ticket, call us on 01766 771000. There will be a fee of £20 to issue a new ticket.

Change the details on annual parking ticket

It is important that you let us know of any changes to the details on your annual parking ticket – for example if you change your car or your address.  Please call 01766 771000. There will be a fee of £10

General enquiry or complaint 

You can submit a general enquiry or complaint to Gwynedd’s parking service online.

Submit online enquiry / complaint about the parking service