E-books to download

Gwynedd library members have free access to an e-book website.

You will need your library card and PIN to use the service

Log in assistance

You will need:

  • Ba code: your Gwynedd library membership number (without the 'GWP' at the beginning)
  • PIN: your Gwynedd library PIN

Guidance for new users

  • You can download e-books to your computer and then transfer them to your e-reader or iPad. The only device which you won’t be able to use is the Kindle, which works with Amazon software only.
  • There are over 2500 books available for downloading – 1200 fiction titles; biographies, children’s books; a variety of business titles and reference works on topics ranging from computers to the arts. A small amount of Welsh titles is currently available, but this will increase soon.
  • Each title on the website can be lent to one person at a time, i.e. one title = one loan, due to licence obligations.
  • The loan period is 21 days. A loan may not be renewed, but the title, if available, can be downloaded again. There’s no need to remember to return your loans because the digital book deletes itself after three weeks.
  • You can place reservations if the title you require is not available, and by submitting your email address, you will be informed as soon as the book becomes available.

A number of other websites offer free access to e-books. Go to the Welsh Libraries website for more information.