Terms and policies

The policies below cover all Gwynedd Council Leisure Centres.

Use of Facilities and Conditions of Hire

The council’s Sports and Leisure Facilities are available to use and hire within the programme of activities at the discretion of the Centre Manager


Members may book the centre’s facilities up to 10 days in advance in person, on line, or by telephone.  Non-members may only book in person with payment of the appropriate fee.

Special events are permitted to book any facility up to 12 months in advance in writing.  Fees for special events will be agreed by the Centre manager prior to accepting the booking.

Block Bookings can be made up to 12 months in advance and are exclusive to clubs, teams,                   organisations, schools and individuals, at the identical time each week, for a minimum of 10 weeks and a maximum of 16, as determined by the Centre Manager.

If at the end of the 10 week slot there is no other request for a block booking, then there will be no   objection to the club, team, organisation, school or individual to continue for a further period of 10-16 weeks.  A block booking form must be completed 2 weeks prior to the end of the original booking and returned to the Centre Manager.

Block Bookings will only be allocated to those who have purchased a valid Gwynedd Leisure Card    membership.  Members benefitting from free or concessionary prices are not permitted to block book facilities.  The facilities shall only be hired upon receipt of an official booking form signed by the hirer.

In the event of a mixed group consisting of adult(s) and children, the payment of the activity will be at the appropriate adult rate.

All bookings shall be confirmed in writing by the management.

The hirer shall adhere to the agreed booking times and duration to ensure that subsequent users are not deprived of their full allotment of time.  Changes to times may only be made with prior written consent of the Centre Manager.  Any equipment will be set up/taken down within the booking period.


All fees are in line with the Council’s current fees and charges policy.

The Taxation service offers VAT exception on the standard rate of Block Bookings, which meet certain criteria. The booking must be 10 weeks plus for a clubs, school, organisation or a recognised sports club or association.  The club must produce some sort of affiliation documents to prove their status as a club.

Payment is to be made upon receipt of an official Gwynedd Council Invoice, or paid weekly prior to the activity unless otherwise agreed by Management at the time of making the booking.  Failure to comply will invalidate the booking and the hiring agreement may be terminated by the Centre Manager.  In the case of Block Bookings, the discounted cost will no longer be available and the fee per week will become operable.


All cancellations not notified by telephone or in writing prior to the booking will be charged the full hire fee. Regular bookings require 24 hours’ notice.  Block Bookings require 48 hours written notice.  Special events require 14 days written notification.

If a Block booking is broken by a club, where they have not attended all weeks, the booking remains    exempt provided that the Club agrees to pay; otherwise the bookings will be taxable.

If the Block Booking is cancelled by the facility: for example the booking in not available for 1 week due to bad weather conditions, in this case the VAT is not invalidated, and where appropriate an  additional session will be offered at the end of the block.

The Centre Manager reserves the right to withdraw the use of the facility at any time, if in it’s opinion it is unfit for use.  The hire fee shall be refunded or alternative dates offered.

The Centre Manager reserves the right to cancel or close the facility for special events and other circumstances beyond their control.

The Centre reserves the right to adjust the activity areas and times allocated to the hirer to ensure the optimum use of facilities.


The hirer on behalf of clubs, teams, organisations and schools will ensure that helpers, assistants, coaches or volunteers have been fully checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service. 

Clubs, teams, organisations and schools must be responsible for providing their own equipment.

Any coaching on Council premises must be conducted by a qualified coach.  Proof of qualification may be required.  If applicable an entertainment licence may be required by the hirer, and a copy of the hirers Public Liability Insurance must be given to the Manager with the booking form.

Clubs, teams, organisations and schools may be required to produce risk Assessments and Operational Procedures on the request of the Management.

When hiring off-site facilities, the hirer is responsible for deciding whether a pitch is safe to play on, prior to the commencement of the booking. 

The hirer will ensure that the facility is left in a clean and tidy state and any litter is placed in the bins provided.


To be eligible for a disabled membership you must produce one of the following;

Disability Living Allowance

Attendance Allowance

Disabled Tax Credit

Employment Support Allowance/Incapacity Benefit


The centre accepts no liability for loss, damage, or injury sustained by the hirer.  Facilities are checked on a regular basis by staff.  Customers are also required to check the agreed booking area prior to use.

All participants must conform to the general rules and regulations of the facility being used.  If the   management feel that the hirer is in breach of any Health and Safety issues through unsafe acts, then the booking will be stopped.

All exits, passages, corridors, external passageways and forecourts must be kept clear and free from   obstructions at all times.

The number of people to be admitted on any site/area will not exceed the capacity of the facility.

A safety test certificate must be supplied by the hirer for any portable electrical equipment used during the activity.

No alcoholic drinks or liquors shall be consumed, sold or distributed on the premises.

Strictly no smoking on council premises


The Management reserves the right at its discretion to refuse admission to any person. The  Management shall have the right to refuse access to any drunken, disorderly, abusive or improperly dressed person or on any other reasonable basis.


Gwynedd council believes in giving everybody and equal opportunity.  Customers will not be discriminated against for their race, gender, disability, language, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, age or any other circumstances.


Entry Policy - Gwynedd Swimming Pools

Fitness Room Etiquette

To ensure a safe and pleasant environment for all fitness or weight room users please follow these simple rules: 

  1. All users must have had an induction at this facility in order to use the equipment.
  2. Consult your GP before participating in the use of the fitness room if you suffer from a medical condition or have not exercised for a long period of time. 
  3. Clean suitable clothing and footwear should be worn at all times.
  4. Kit bags and excess clothing must be stored in the lockers provided. Do not bring them into the fitness room where they may become a trip hazard or may block the fire exits. 
  5. Mobile phones should not be used in the fitness/ weight room.
  6. Normal minimum age for participation is 16 years.
  7. Any person not participating in a fitness activity must not be allowed in the fitness/ weight room, unless prior permission has been granted. 
  8. Fitness room sessions will last no longer than 60 minutes.
  9. During busy periods do not use the cardiovascular machines - e.g. treadmill, bike, rower, cross trainer or stepper for more than 15 minutes. Please consider other users.
  10. For good hygiene and cleanliness, wipe down all machines once you have finished using them with wipes/ paper towels and water provided. Do not spray water on any electronic parts.
  11. No food should be consumed in the fitness room.
  12. Customers are encouraged to bring their own water container and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. 
  13. Please return all loose equipment e.g weights, dumbbells to its original storage place after use.
  14. Equipment is not designed to be misused or unnecessary rough handling. Such action could result in exclusion from the Centre. All weights should be lowered, not dropped onto the floor.
  15. Please report any equipment defects to centre staff.
  16. Our fitness staff will be happy to advise on any fitness issues, please ask at reception.
  17. All customers should show respect to one another and staff at all times.