Fees and charges

Concession = Children (0-15 yrs), disabled people and people over 60 yrs

Yearly Membership

Yearly membership
Ticket  Price
Adult  £19.90
Disabled people, people over 60 yrs + 16-24 £10.80
Child (under 16) FREE


Health and fitness packages

Health and fitness package fees
Type of ticketMonthly payment Direct debit
-Must sign up for a year-
Yearly ticket 
  Must be a member FREE MEMBERSHIP
  Unlimited visits for a month Unlimited visits for a year
  Fitness room induction required FREE Fitness room induction


Fitness rooms, fitness classes, public swimming and racket sports*


£29.40 £22.70 £227
Adults £45.20 £33.90 £339
Off peak** £29.40 £22.70 £227

*Squash and Badminton does not include under 16 years old.

**Off peak - 9am until 4pm weekdays and all day during the weekends.

^does not include children under 16 yrs


Note: Not all facilities are available in all centres 

Disabled membership

Swimming and fitness activities are essential elements of full lives. People choose to take part in social and leisure activities for enjoyment, health and relaxation. Sport and leisure activities enhance feelings and general well being. Gwynedd Council offers a disabled membership that will enable disabled customers to use facilities at a discounted rate.

What is available

  • Swimming: Discounted swimming for juniors and adults within public swimming hours. Every pool offers 1 free session a week. Contact your local swimming pool for further information.
  • Fitness Room: Discounted rate for the use of any Gwynedd Leisure Centre Fitness Room. An induction is required for each individual fitness room.
  • Court Hire: Discounts on e.g badminton courts or any main hall bookings. Contact the Leisure Centre for details of opening hours and availability.


Disabled members may be accompanied by up to two carers when participating in activities within Gwynedd Leisure Centres for free. (The induction fee for the Fitness Room still applies)

Disabled membership conditions 

To be eligible for a disabled Gwynedd membership one of the following must be produced on completing the membership form:

  • Disability Living Allowance (Must produce allowance book or notification)
  • Attendance Allowance (Must produce proof of allowance)
  • Disabled Tax Credit (Must produce entitlement letter)
  • Employment Support Allowance / Incapacity Benefit
  • Personal Independence Payments

Where can I get a card?

  • Membership cards are issued from any Gwynedd Leisure Centres after a membership form has been completed.
  • Lost, stolen or defaced card will be replaced at cost to the holder.

Use of card

The member must produce their membership card when attending or paying for the facility.

  • Failure to do so will result in the standard rate being charged.
  • Gwynedd Council reserves the right to revise the conditions at any time.
  • Changes to the conditions of use will be advertised at participating facilities 28 days before coming into effect.

The Information content about individual members is registered under the Data Protection Act 1984 and will not be disclosed to third parties. 


You must make a written application to cancel a direct debit and provide a months notice.

To cancel your direct debit, you need to fill the direct debit cancellation form and return it to your local Leisure Centre.

You can get a copy of the direct debit cancellation form from any Leisure Centre.



Benefits of being a member


There are many benefits of being a member at Gwynedd Council Leisure Centres which include:
  • Book facilities either in person or by telephone up to 10 days in advance.
  • Reduce rates for all facilities 
  • Reduced rates for all courses, lessons approximately 40%.
  • Members will be able to take advantage of any special offers we may offer in the future.
  • The card can be used at any council run Leisure Centres and pools in Gwynedd.
  • The card must be shown to qualify for a discount.

Conditions of membership

  • Membership cards must be shown when making a booking in person, and the membership card must be quoted when making a telephone booking.  Individuals will be charged NON MEMBER prices if no membership card is produced.
  • Confirmation of bookings is not required by members.
  • All bookings must be paid for before playing commences.
  • Cancellation will be accepted up to 24 hours before time of play.
  • If a member books a facility and does not cancel the booking with more than 24 hours prior to the playing time, he /she will be billed for this booking if this time cannot be resold by the Manager.
  • In the event of a mixed group consisting of adult(s) and children the payment for the activity will be at the appropriate rate.
  • Members who have not paid the appropriate membership fee will be regarded as non members and charged non-member rates.


Pool activities


Swimming fees
 Member Non-member
Adult  £4.00 £5.20
Concession £2.80 £3.50
Under 3 yrs FREE FREE
Family ticket: 2 adults and 2 children £11.70 £14.90 

Swimming lessons

Swimming lesson fees
 Member Non-member 
Adult (30 minutes) £6.20 £7.80
Child (30 minutes) £5.00 £5.70
Child (45 minutes) £6.60 £8.60
Child (60 minutes) £8.30 £10.90
Swimming Coaching 1:1 - Adult £37.80 £48.30
Swimming Coaching 1:1 - Concession £22.80 £29.00


Indoor activities

Fitness classes

Fitness classes fees
Adult  £6.20 £7.80
Concession £4.30 £5.50

Fitness and weights room

Fitness and weights room fees
Ticket Member Non-member
Adult  £6.20 £7.80
Concession £4.30 £5.50


Hall fees
 TicketMember  Non-member
Full hall - Adult £42.40 £55.00
Full hall - Concession £30.40 £39.00
Half hall - Adult £21.20 £27.90
Half hall - Concession £15.20 £19.80
Quarter hall - Adult £10.60 £13.60
Quarter hall - Concession £7.60 £9.90


Other indoor activity fees
TicketMember Non-member
Fitness room 1:1 personal trainer £37.90 £48.40


Racket Sports 


Indoor Tennis Court - Adult £14.60 £18.50
Indoor Tennis Court - Concession £9.80 £12.50
Outdoor Tennis Court - Adult £7.10 £8.70
Outdoor Tennis Court - Concession £4.70 £5.60
Memberships and Packages
Memberships and PackagesPrice
Club Membership - Adult £37.50
Clun Membership - Concession £30.00

Adult Price = 25-59 yrs

Concession = Children (0-24 yrs), disabled and people over 60 yrs

*Cost per session - you are committed for a number of weeks, contact the centre for more information

** The hiring of the tennis court will also be added to the price

Table tennis

 Member  Non-Member
 Adult  £5.70  £7.30
 Concession   £4.30  £5.30


 Adult  £7.60  £9.80
 Concession  £4.70  £6.00


 Member Non-member 
 Adult  £10.60  £13.60
 Concession  £7.60  £9.90



Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities

All weather field fees
 TicketMember  Non-member
Full - Adult (1 hour) £42.00 £54.00
Full - Concession (1 hour) £30.20 £38.80
1/2 Pitch - Adult  (1 hours) £33.30 £42.70
1/2 Pich - Concession (1 hours)  £23.30 £29.70
5 or 7 a side - Adult  (1 hour)  £38.60 £49.20
5 or 7 a side - Concession (1 hour)  £23.30 £29.70


Football, hockey, cricket - for more information contact the centre


Children's Activities

Children's party

There are a variety of children's party packages available including pool parties, characters, bouncy castle and soft play. The offer varies from centre to centre. Contact your local leisure centre for more information.

Swimming direct debit

£17.00 a month

30 minute swimming lessons for at least 42 weeks a year and unlimited public swimming for only 50p a session all year!

Gymnastics direct debit

£15.00 a month

45 minute gymnastics lessons for at least 40 weeks a year!

£17.90 a month

60 minute gymnastics lessons for at least 40 weeks a year!

*relevant fitness classes - contact your local centre 


Other activities

Weekly ticket


There's a weekly ticket available which includes unlimited visits to the fitness rooms, fitness classes and public swimming for a week.

Meeting Rooms

Large and small meeting rooms available - for more information contact your local centre.