Tŷ Gwynedd Project

Are you looking for an affordable home to buy or rent in Gwynedd? Perhaps the Tŷ Gwynedd scheme can help you.



Who is 'Tŷ Gwynedd' for?

Tŷ Gwynedd is a scheme for people who are not eligible for social housing, or who have difficulty finding a suitable and affordable home.

You can find out if you are eligible for the Tŷ Gwynedd scheme by visiting the Tai Teg website:

Tŷ Gwynedd - am I eligible?

(Tai Teg is the body that administers affordable housing schemes for Gwynedd Council).


Register your interest

If you are eligible you can register your interest by following the link below to the Tai Teg website:

Tŷ Gwynedd - register your interest

By registering you will be notified when our 'Tŷ Gwynedd' developments become available so that you can apply. You can also apply for other affordable housing in the county.

We hope that the first phase of our Tŷ Gwynedd developments will be completed in 2023.


Our vision is to develop quality housing that is affordable for local people. We will achieve this by adhering to the following design principles:

Affordable - We will offer houses to buy and rent at an affordable price. We will sell on the basis of our shared equity model; for example you will finance a percentage of the purchase through savings and a mortgage and we will lend the remaining percentage against the property. We also rent houses and offer a discount of around 20% on monthly rent.

Adaptable - The ability to adapt the house is one of the main qualities of Tŷ Gwynedd. There is a dedicated space inside and outside that can be customised to meet the needs of different individuals or families, and will provide the foundations to adapt as the household needs change over time.

Sustainable - Our developments will be sustainable in their design and construction and seek to maximise the use of sustainable materials as well as the local supply chain.

Energy efficient - We will aim to use the latest techniques and technology to reduce carbon footprint and facilitate energy efficient use for residents.

Healthy - We will create an environment that promotes the health and well-being of communities and the habitat.

The first step is to register your interest by visiting the Tai Teg website: 

Register your interest in Tŷ Gwynedd

Although it is possible to register your interest now, it is not possible to submit an application for a Tŷ Gwynedd property at this time. If you register now we will contact you in the coming months as the first developments of 'Tŷ Gwynedd' become available, so that you can apply.

Why register now?

  • It you register your interest now you will receive the latest up to date information about all the Affordable Home schemes in Gwynedd.
  • You will be able to apply for a Tŷ Gwynedd once the are available.
  • You can apply for other affordable housing across the County, and the Homebuy Scheme.
  • You will help us plan our future developments as it will show us where Ty Gwynedd's housing demand is. 


During the next few weeks we will be announcing our first sites, so keep a look out on this page, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter