Do you enjoy the company of children and young people?

Do you understand their needs?

Do you want the opportunity to provide valuable care for children at a difficult time in their life?

Foster carers take children who can't be with their parents into their homes and look after them. This may be because of ill treatment or because their parents are ill.

Foster carers have to:

  • be very flexible, observant and patient
  • enable the child to settle into their family
  • accept and encourage regular visits to / from parents
  • be able to talk sympathetically and openly with the child about their past.

Teenage children with various problems are placed with foster carers. Teenage years can be a very difficult period, but helping a young person can be very rewarding, and we will offer support and training for you and your family.

How do I get approved?

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Being approved as a foster carer for Gwynedd Council involves:

  • standard checks – health, police, social services and probation records
  • a period of regular visits by an assessment officer to assess your suitability
  • attendance on the three day, compulsory Skills to Foster course – an opportunity for prospective foster carers to meet each other and learn in a supportive environment.

After being approved, you will be placed on a list of foster carers. When a child needs a foster placement, the social worker consults the Family Placement Team to see whether a match can be found on the list.


The Fostering Team provide:

  • information for people thinking of fostering
  • assessment of foster care applicants
  • training and support for new and experienced carers
  • on-going support for foster carers by a Family Placement Social Worker
  • NVQ Training up to level 3
  • annual training programmes, and opportunities to meet other carers

Private fostering

Private fostering means a child is under the care of someone who isn't a close relative, guardian or person with parent responsibilities for more than 28 days a year. The Council should be told about this this 6 weeks in advance.

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Interested in fostering?

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